BROCRE Alpha Release

Welcome to the BROCRE Alpha Release

BROCRE is a software management system consisting of a repository and appropriate tools to browse and install BRICS software and resolve its dependencies.

One of the core concepts of BROCRE is the  separation of software distribution and the software build process. This separation allows the user to modify the standard BROCRE process by its needs. For example in the research area it is  often the case that software is not released as a stable version, but source snapshots from a version control System (VCS) are used. Therefore a specific distribution machanism like SVN, git or Mercury is required. By the given separation the user can exchange the distribution mechanism and still keep the BROCRE package build system.

BROCRE closes the gap between Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) from the debian community and the version control like git or svn. APT uses binaries which are platform specific and which have to be provided for each platform. In a version control system it is hard to tell which commit or part of the software is stable. In BROCRE source snapshots will be distributed which are classified as stable.

BROCRE uses robotpkg to download archives and all there dependencies containing ROS stacks or packages. The BROCRE build system is based on rosmake to compile the downloaded archives and resolve build and system dependencies.