1. BROCRE requires a Linux installation. It has been tested with Ubuntu.
  2. You need to install the following packages before installing BROCRE:

    • gnu-make software
    • git - version control system
    • pax - portable archive interchange
    • bzip2 - block-sorting file compressor library
    • python - python interpreter

    For ubuntu type:

    sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake git-core pax libbz2-dev python python-tk

  3. ROS build system

    You need the ROS build system to compile the software. Other ROS packages beside the build system are not required. If you do not have ROS installed please install the ROS-Base (Bare Bones) package.

Installing and configuring BROCRE

You need to clone the BROCRE github repository.

git clone

This repository contains package descriptions of the software available in BROCRE and tools for BROCRE like its GUI's. It will be located in "./brocre".

BROCRE is a living thing, and updates to the packages are made periodically. In order to get the most recent packages, you should keep your BROCRE copy up-to-date by regularly running "git pull" in the ./brocre folder or pressing the Update BROCRE button in the GUI.

After the repository is cloned, BROCRE needs to be bootstrapped. In this process the BROCRE binaries are installed and a folder is created where the binaries of BROCRE and BROCRE installed software will be located. For that purpose a bootstrap script is provided. It takes the --prefix option to specify the target directory. For instance, installing the packages in your home directory can be configured like this:

cd brocre/bootstrap

./bootstrap --prefix=${HOME}/brics_software

Further, a set of environment variables needs to be specified

Specifiy where the BROCRE installed software is located:

echo "export ROBOTPKG_BASE=$HOME/brics_software" >> ~/.bashrc

Make the BROCRE binaries system wide available (e.g. you can use the robotpkg_info command from any folder):

echo "export PATH=\$PATH:$HOME/brics_software/sbin" >> ~/.bashrc

Make the BROCRE downloaded packages known to the ROS build system:


source ~/.bashrc