The activity Showcases for Industry, SME, Research, and Education will verify the results from the other activity in showcases with exemplary demonstrations. These showcases shall act as vehicles for assessing the suitability and performance of the BRICS hardware interoperability concepts, the BRICS integrated robotic development environment, and methods in typical design processes of advanced specification, design, development and optimization given the needs and interests of key user-groups (industry, research, education).

The goal of this work package is further to introduce and implement a family of BRICS Robotics RTD Platforms (RRPs, including the developed repositories, frameworks, tools and methods) for proof of concepts, cyclic evaluations and entry point for a wider dissemination and adoption of the RRPs into the robotics community beyond the project runtime. The scope of RRP configurations includes, but is not limited to a set of mobile platforms with one or two handed arms, sensor configurations, and multi-modal interfaces. Possible application domains, which are addressed by the RRPs include robotics in manufacturing, particularly logistics, service or personal robotics, field or outdoor robotics, and rehabilitation robotics.

The following scientific and technical key issues will be addressed in this activity:

Acceptance of the RRP family depends mainly on its performance, accessibility and cost. RRP‘s functionality has to be specified for the showcases and the RRP should meet the requirements: