Related activities

euRobotics is the European Robotics Coordination Action and targets two main objectives: the improvement of cooperation between industry and academia and the enhancement of public perception of (European) robotics.

ROSETTA is the acronym for a new European Large−Scale Integrating Research Project ″RObot control for Skilled ExecuTion of Tasks in natural interaction with humans; based on Autonomy, cumulative knowledge and learning″. The 4−year project started March 1st, 2009, and has a total budget of 10 MEUR.

At its core, RoboEarth is a World Wide Web for robots: a giant network and database repository where robots can share information and learn from each other about their behavior and their environment.

PROTEUS (″Plateforme pour la Robotique Organisant les Transferts Entre Utilisateurs et Scientifiques″) goal is to help organizing interactions between academic and industrial partners of the french robotic community by providing suitable tools and models.

EURON is a shorthand for ″EUropean RObotics research Network″. It is the community of more than 200 academic and industrial groups in Europe with a common interest in doing advanced research and development to make better robots.

EUROP, the European Robotics Technology Platform, is an industry−driven framework for the main stakeholders in robotics to strengthen Europe′s competitiveness in robotic R&D, as well as global markets, and to improve quality of life.

DESIRE was a Cooperative project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research − The primary objective of DESIRE was to maintain and build on the leading role held by German researchers and industry in the field of service robotics.

RoSta − Robot Standards and Reference Architectures was the main international contact point for robot standards and reference architectures in service robotics. RoSta was a Coordination Action funded within the FP6 of the European Commission.