BRICS in a nutshell

Even after 50 years of robotics development and research the process of developing a new robot and its applications has more similarities with ingenious engineering or designing a piece of artwork than with a structured and well-defined process. This holds particularly true for advanced service robot systems. The prime objective of BRICS is to structure and formalise the robot development process itself and to provide development tools, computational models, and functional libraries, which allow engineers and developers of complex robotic systems to reduce the development time and effort by an order of magnitude.

BRICS will work together with academic and industrial providers of robotic components − both hardware and software − to identify and document best practices in the development of complex robotics systems, to refactor existing components in order to achieve a much higher level of reusability and robustness, and to support the robot development process with a well-structured tool chain and a repository of reusable, configurable code.

BRICS is a joint research project funded by the European Commission ICT Challenge 2 under grant number 231940.